About Us

Every cup of tea tells a story. Ours is one of health, longevity and communal spirit and it begins on the tiny Japanese island of Okinawa, known worldwide as the Longevity Island. The Okinawan people not only live long, they age successfully.

In addition to indigenous "power foods" and herbs, tea is a fundamental component of the Okinawan diet. Teas that are particularly popular with the island's elders are ukon (turmeric) and sanpin (jasmine green). It's no coincidence that Okinawans are among the longest living people and also drink the most tea per capita!

We invite you to participate in our growing "communitea" where you can gain valuable insight into enhancing and maintaining wellness, interact with others and broaden your personal circle, and discover fresh, fun and simple ways to infuse your daily life with the many benefits of tea.

Quite simply, we are passionate about combining the latest tea-related research with the wisdom of the Okinawan experience to educate and inspire others to live long, healthy lives full of connection, purpose, joy and fulfillment. And although nothing is a substitute for proper diet, genetic influences and a balanced lifestyle, reliable studies show that drinking tea within a supportive community sure helps!

So brew yourself a hot cup of tea and sip your way to better health. Drink, live and enjoy!

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