Entertain with tea in a variety of unique, creative and simply stylish ways.  Whether hosting a special party, a tasting event, a cultural celebration, or a more intimate gathering, your guests will always appreciate the personal touch and sophisticated flair that tea brings.

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Celebrate the Japanese Tea Ceremony

"Chanoyu", the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, involves much more than preparing and serving a bowl of matcha. Learn the basics of both hosting and taking part in this multisensory activity where philosophy, etiquette, fine arts, and creative reflection are just as important as the tea itself!

Host a Tea Tasting Party

Invite friends to test their palates and evaluate teas like a pro! Learn tea tasting lingo, discover new favorites from around the world, and get a big antioxidant boost to boot! Make your tasting party complete by serving delicious, easy-to-prepare treats from our tea-friendly recipe section.

Create a Personally Inspired Tea Room

The creative possibilities are endless in designing your own tea room or "chachitsu". First visualize an ideal setting for a cup of tea. Then use the tea ceremony's fundamental principles of harmony, respect, purity and tranquility to transform your vision into a meaningful and inspired personal space.

Tea Talk