About Us

Meaningful social relationships are a vital component of living long and aging well. At least once a month, Okinawans routinely meet for relaxed, informal get-togethers with good friends and family. Known as "moai", this long-standing tradition is an honored time to enjoy each other's company and exchange emotional support. In addition, it also reaps enormous health benefits! Research shows that women who feel the most socially connected are four times less likely to ever develop serious illnesses.

So embrace the Okinawan tradition of "moai" and connect with like-minded others in a relaxed and informal setting. Start by meeting for a cup of tea and then expand from there.

Click the following links to join an existing group in your area whose members are interested in drinking tea, successful aging or alternative health. This is just a beginning. You can also find lots of other groups or easily create your own. The important thing is to get connected and stay connected. Remember, making a new friend is just a sip away!

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